I feel the rain on my skin. Wash away all the pain I was in. I see the sun in the sky. No longer know how it feels to cry. And it really doesn't matter so what? So what? That I've been hesitating so long , so long.
guiltyfilthysoulx said: ✉ whoever you want tbh



Valerie: I'm scared.
Elijah: of what..?
Elijah: are you having more of those hallucinations?
Valerie: No. I'm scared of my brother!!

kora: i can do what i want, goodbye love. xx

daisy: kora no

daisy: no fucking way!!

late for schoool

turbiidus said: ✉ (idk use any muse you want)
Lauren: How much are you attached to this plant you gave me?

kora: whatever. im gonna stay at damien's for a bit longer. have fun. :)

daisy: no you're not staying there any longer

kora: yeah but it's n o t.

daisy: you'll never know



           Louis smiled softly and let out a quiet chuckle, resting his forehead against his. “I love you too,” he mumbled fondly, reaching down to grab onto his hand. 

         ”I’m very positive about I love you even more baby.” He said and chuckled softly. He entwined their fingers and left a small kiss on his cheek. ”You feeling any better?”



           ❝ I guess. I’m not much of a reader, but I’ll try to keep that thought in mind —— Doesn’t mean I should be the one to blame, I don’t control what you like or don’t like. ❞

            ”I am not too. That’s why I’m telling you that you should really read it. You’ll love it. ———— It doesn’t mean I can’t blame you.”

guiltyfilthysoulx said: ✉ whoever you want tbh
Valerie: I'm scared.


"Oh." A light blush appeared on the girl’s pale skin. Biting her lip, Stevie’s gazed up at the other girl and smiled. "Well, I uh.. thanks. I don’t get that a lot or ever really."


”Why not?! People should tell you this a lot more!” She said with a big smile on her lips.